Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Money Saving Tips and Tricks

1. Stop throwing money at your cable provider - You can watch it all on Hulu or Netflix for way cheaper. Added bonus: if you kill your t.v. habit, you suddenly have time for more important things.

2. Buy your pantry items in bulk - This can save you loads. Look at your pantry and determine what you use and need to have on hand that doesn't spoil. Rice, beans, canned food items, jellies and jams, peanut butter, pasta, olives, oils, spices, oats, etc. Buy them in bulk at cheaper-per-pound prices, and watch you grocery bill shrink as you only purchase your perishable food items as you need them. Try Cosco, Best Buy, Sam's Club, or my favorite, Azure Standard.

3. Don't buy a vehicle you can't pay for up front - Yeah, that sweet, new model is nice and all, but not having to make monthly payments on it while it depreciates in value faster than you can say "sucker" is even nicer.

4. Don't feed too much green to your cell phone - The iPhone is great, but do you really want to be paying near $100 a month for one? Simplify. Pay less for a cell phone, and feel good about losing some Facebook time.

5. Start planning for Christmas the second that it's over - Grab the lights and ornaments that you're going to need next year for 75% off. Make a list of the family and friends that you shop for and keep them in mind during the months ahead. Shop deals and steals, and be sure to have the bulk of your gifts acquired by Halloween. Also, consider homemade gifts. But do yourself a favor, and don't wait until the last minute. This often times ends in stress and quick purchases.

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