Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make Money From Home - 7 Options

There are a millions ways to make money from home, but which way is right for you? Use this article as a starting point for getting your ideas flowing.

Ebay - If you are handy with both a computer and a camera and have a knack for spotting the value of things, then Ebay may be your ticket to a paycheck. Some people do well selling on Ebay, and if you can pickup items for the right price and sell them for more, then you'll do well to. Just beware of paying too much for an item that your not going to be able to sell for the same price or more later. You making money plan could quickly end up losing money.

Art and Crafting - Passion for art? Painting, photography, knitting, sewing... Try your hand at making money with it! Are there any local artist malls or stores that would be interested in putting out your work? Put up a table at craft fairs, art shows, even local farmers markets, and see how people react to your work. Don't get discouraged if things are moving slowly. It can be hard to find the right place for the things you make. Put websites like Etsy to good use and do what it takes to get your creation seen by the people who are going to love it.

Farming - Even if you don't have a lot of land, this could be an option for you. Consider: Raising animals (meat and/or dairy), collecting fresh eggs, keeping bees for honey, growing fruits and vegetables to sell at local farmers markets, holding day camps, and even agritourism, which is making it big right now. Remember to find your niche. With the push across the country to shop local, especially with food, you may be able to do pretty well.

Writing - Plenty of writers have gotten laid off recently, but the demand for writing has not gone down at all. Enter the freelance writer. If you're a good writer and you play this right, you can make loads of money here. Decide what you're capable of writing and then search out potential clients. There are job postings all over the web, and if you're a good writer then there is work out there for you.

Running a Website - Here's how it works: you keep a website that attracts viewers, and companies pay you to advertise where your viewers will see their ad. It sounds pretty simple, and it is, but the tricky part is gaining the viewers. If you start, say, a blog, will people come to it and read it? If not, then you're wasting your time. But if you can get readers, then this could be a great avenue for you. What could you write about that would keep people coming back for more?

Renting - Could you rent out a room in your home? Maybe you have a basement that you could renovate into a rental space complete with kitchen, bathroom, and privet entrance. Or a detached garage that you could transform into a small apartment. These options might take some upfront cost, but the payoff could be BIG. Check and see what renters are paying in your area, and you'll see what I mean. Interested? Here's an excellent place to start.

Childcare - Have you considered it? If you have the space and energy, then this defiantly has the potential to bring in a nice income. The cost of childcare has been on the rise, and parents are looking for good places to leave their kids while they're away at work. Start by finding out the laws in your area as they do differ from state to state, and be aware of the many associations you can join to get all the help and support you need.

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